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PRP President enters into rough phase amidst Telangana chorus

November 1, 2008

As the Praja Rajyam Party President Chiranjeevi goes deeper into Telangana issues, it seems he is getting a taste of a politician life. Merely a day after taking a 'no objection' stand on the issue, he received more brickbats than laurels. In Godavarikhani on Saturday, his ratham camped up against obstinate TRS workers who insisted that he join their chorus of 'Jai Telangana'. Caught off guard but without losing composure, he rejected their demand repeating verbatim what he had said on Friday.

Chiranjeevi also got an attack from Telugu Desam Party (TDP) instead of TRS. The TDP Party president N Chandrababu Naidu in a direct attack on Chiranjeevi pointed out him as a student in politics and had to study a lot. He termed Chiranjeevi to be merely reading out prepared speeches.

The immediate provocation for the outburst was Chiranjeevi’s statement that the TDP, a champion of one child norm till recently was advocating a two-child norm now. Terming his remarks as childish, Chandrababu Naidu wondered how the star could compare Telangana to family planning slogans.



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