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Chiranjeevi accorded rousing reception in Anantapur district

November 16, 2008
Hindupur, Anantapur

The third phase of Praja Rajyam Party's President Praja Ankita Yatra in Anantapur on Sunday saw huge crowds according him rousing reception to Chiranjeevi. The turn out at his road shows and street corner meetings are from among the youth and women. There was a loud response from the crowds gathered to every word Chiranjeevi spoke against the government.

During the speeches, he alleged that the government was snatching small land holdings from the small and marginal farmers in the name of Special Economic Zones only to hand them over to corporate and industrial sectors at throwaway prices while the market price is much higher than the government price.

A small section of the people exhibited placards with slogans in support of the Special Economic Zones at Kodikonda check post, the party president Chiranjeevi stressed the need for development of industries for improving the employment opportunities for the people of the area concerned and not just indiscriminate snatching of lands. Before reaching Hindupur, the yatra passed off peacefully through Chilamattur, Lepakashi and a number of villages.



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