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Ch Harirama Jogaiah letter faxed to PR president gets leaked

November 18, 2008

Senior politician and a leader of the Praja Rajyam Party, Ch Harirama Jogaiah's letter that was sent as a fax message to the party president got leaked and was published in a Telugu vernacular daily on Tuesday. The leader has faxed two page letter to Chiranjeevi recently raising over dozen doubts about the future of the party in a rather anguish tone. The questions in the letter dealt on a wide range of the political prospects of the party starting from gauging the party position in the general public to its final political goals and how to achieve it.

The leak of the letter and the subsequent publication in the newspaper has really embrassed the leaders of the Praja Rajyam party raising a question that the other parties were asking - whether the people are turning up on the road shows to have a glimpse of star Chiranjeevi or whether they would all really vote for Praja Rajyam party. Huge crowds are gathering wherever Chiranjeevi is touring - starting from the Coastal Andhra to Telangana and to the ongoing Rayalaseema.

At a press conference, Harirama Jogaiah, labored to justify his letter and lashed out at the newspaper for distorting its contents. He said that he had so far written one hundred letters to the party president and contended that the letter did not contain criticism but only suggestions from a senior leader.

The Praja Rajyam party leader Tammineni Seetharam alleged that his fax telephone line was tapped and demanded an enquiry by the CBI into how the letter had leaked. He recalled how the TDP and TRS had in recent times accused the government of tapping their phones. It may be recalled, the party spokesman Parakala Prabhakar alleged of the party telephone connections being tapped way back in October 08.



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