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Praja Rajyam inaugurated its Jubilee Hills office

October 19, 2008

The Praja Rajyam Party president, Chiranjeevi inaugurated its new party office at Jubilee Hills on Sunday. The new office is spread over 30,000 square feet and will be the second office for the party in the twin cities. The party will use the Jubilee Hills office for all functional activities from hereafter. This became inevitable as huge number of fans and political supporters of Chiranjeevi are flocking to their old office which soon ran out of capacity.

Warangal and Karimnagar visit

Soon after inaugurating the new party office, Chiranjeevi confirmed he will tour Warangal and Karimanagar districts over a period of five days starting October 22, 2008. It may be recalled Chiranjeevi has already announced he will tour the Telangana region. He asked the party core committee members to chalk out a detailed programme for him to cover the two districts in phase two of his Praja Ankitha Yatra, the road show program undertaken by the party.

Thota Chandrasekhar, the coordinator of Praja Rajyam for membership said over 35 lakh people had enrolled as members in the party since October 2 from which the membership drive was started. PRP is aiming to enroll one crore members. A leader championing the cause of Backward Classes, VGR Naragoni said that the party president's commanding presence among the people was making the government and other political parties stand up, take notice and talk of help be it the issue of SEZs or neglect of welfare.



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