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Chiranjeevi unhappy at his tour dates not confirmed

October 20, 2008

Chiranjeevi seems to have become unhappy at its leaders not confirming the tour dates and the road map for his Telangana tour. He walked out abruptly after few of the party's key members did not attend a meeting.

Different dates have come out about the tour. One version says that the tour will begin on October 22 while another said that it the Warangal tour is would start from October 24 and end on October 26 and then start at Karimnagar from October 29 and end on October 31. However, a section of the party brass says that touring from October 23 to October 26 or 27 will be sufficient so that Chiranjeevi can tour the Rayalaseema region during November.

With the sudden walkout by Chiranjeevi, the leaders came together and began working swiftly on the tour program and the arrangements. The final confirmed tour details are expected to be released by October 21, 2008 Tuesday evening, according to reliable party sources.



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