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Praja Rajyam to complain on phone tapping

October 24, 2008

At a press conference, the Praja Rajya party spokesman Parakala Prabhakar alleged on Friday that the phones used by its leaders were being tapped. He said that complaints would be lodged with President, Pratibha Patil and Governor, ND Tiwari once they gathered enough evidence.

In response to a question, Parakala Prabhakar said as to how the information about the telephone conversations between Allu Aravind and TRS leader T Harish Rao were leaked to the media. He said that the party strongly believe that their phones are being tapped by intelligence agencies. He further alleged that the people working for the party were being harassed by the police.

Parakala said that every unprovoked reaction towards the Praja Rajyam by either the ruling or the Opposition parties were indicators that they were getting jittery, the party leaders said, citing the example of Chiranjeevi's visit to Sircilla or to Polepalli in Mahabubnagar district. He said that parties like the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) coming up with specific policy announcements on a separate Telangana State also followed the leader's views made public at the Tirupati public meeting.



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