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Women will get more seats in Praja Rajyam Party

October 26, 2008

The Praja Rajyam Party president, K Chiranjeevi declared on Sunday that he would give more seats in the general elections to women than any other political party. To prove this point and also to show his commitment for bringing social justice and to empower women, he introduced Munemma, a daily wage labourer and member of Self Help Group from Vakadu mandal in Nellore district.

Shaking hands with the young woman on the stage, he proudly showed her off to a gathering primarily comprising women who had come to attend the meeting called by Mahila Varadhi and said that she should be an inspiration. He further said that he too was motivated by the fiery speeches by this tribal women hailing from Pambali village and belonging to the Yanadi community.

He regretted that even the educated people were getting rid of female children, either leveraging technology to snuff the life even while in the womb or dumping them in garbage bins. On the other hand was the rising number of girl children being sold away. He said that when Praja Rajyam comes to power, it will have a comprehensive legislation in place, providing for basic education and health and one that would be implemented strictly.



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