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Praja Rajyam ready to speak with Maoists if voted to power

October 27, 2008

Speaking to media men, the Praja Rajyam Party spokesperson Dr Mithra said that the party would consider the Maoists issue as a socio-economic one rather than a law and order problem. This announcement came in the wake of the Praja Rajyam Party president's visit to Telangana districts from October 30 where the Maoists has a strong presence.

Dr Mitra said the party is ready to announce ceasefire and hold talks with the outlawed organization if voted to power. He said that the party would stop fake encounters and would concentrate on the problems that helped the growth of the Naxalite movement, he said. If Maoists want to join the mainstream, they would be given a choice and would not hesitate to take them into the party if they don't have any criminal cases against them said Dr. Mitra.

Dr. Mitra asked the government to impose medical emergency in the tribal areas that was reeling under the impact of viral fevers. He said that a team lead by its leader Parakala Prabhakar visited the agency areas last week and found that viral fevers were rampant there and tribals lacked any medical assistance. In respect of land acquisition from the private persons for the coastal corridor project, he said that the party is against and would participate in the agitation programme to be taken up by some opposition parties.



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