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Chiranjeevi Road Show from month-end

September 11, 2008

Film star and the man behind the Praja Rajyam Party, Chiranjeev, is most likely to start his all-Andhra Pradesh tour (Road show) by this month-end. Media sources say that the party committees will be set up and that the yatra is likely to start from Arasavalli in Srikakulam district. Arasavalli is the temple town of Lord Aditya (Sun God).

The core committee of the party which includes Anjaneya Reddy, Allu Aravind, Dr. Mitra, Dr. Vinay, Parakala Prabhakar, Harirama Jogayya, Bhooma couple, Tammineni Seetaram. It seems the decision making process of the party is now including the layer above the core-committee considering that the media is reporting that all the party decision making process is happening from the core committee alone.

Media sources say that the party is serious evaluating various locations from where it is likely to start its road show. A section of the party feels that starting the road show from a Telangana region is good considering that the announcement of the party is done in the Rayalaseema region. A senior member of the party is reported to have asked to start the road show highlighting the fluoride-effected regions and hence give a signal of being people-centric party.

The party is also seriously considering segmenting various regions comprising of 2 to 3 districts for easy management. Further steps are taken to sketch the road show schedule and about identification of leaders from the region who will take up the responsibilities of ensuring the roadshow happens smoothly.



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