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Expert committee to look into weaver problems

September 20, 2008
Sircilla, Karimnagar

Chiranjeevi, the founder of the Praja Rajyam Party visited the weavers section in the Sircilla of Karimnagar and gave a patient ear for their problems. Moved by their situation, he said that an expert committee will be formed to study their problems and recommend solutions to bring them out of their troubles.

This is the first time Chiranjeevi is visiting the region after the party formation. Chiranjeevi met and expressed his condolences to the family members of those who committed suicide unable to make a living out of weaving. With Chiranjeevi, fans and party supporters in hundreds mobbed wherever their leader is moving.

Chiranjeevi’s three-hour long visit began at 9:30 AM in the morning where he met some families of the weavers. He took the kids of the families into his lap and listed to their problems. Addressing a gathering at the BY Nagar, he said that suicide and death are not the end of the solutions of the families of the weaver section. The Party spokesman Dr Mithra and others are present along with Chiranjeevi during the visit.

Speaking at a meeting organized at a marriage hall in the Sircilla town later, Chiranjeevi said that he is moved at looking at the situation of the weavers families. Giving a count on the reasons for the backwardness amongst the weavers, he said that increasing cost of power and raw materials and meager waves are discouraging the weavers in continuing the profession. He said that poverty and unemployment are the two main reasons for the weavers to take the extreme step and promised his party will address the issues. He expressed dissatisfaction at the elected representatives from the region for not addressing the issue. He said that a backward cast candidate from the weavers section will be standing up from the Sircilla constituency in the upcoming election on behalf of its party.

Speaking on the unemployed youth going to the Arab countries and getting stuck there because of the inability of the Governments to get them back is an unfortunate thing. He recalled at the stance taken by the Governments in the recent Dubai fire accident incident as an example. He reminded of words by Mahatma Gandhi, the inspiration of the loom and its impact in the freedom struggle.



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