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Praja Rajyam concerned on nuclear deal

September 28, 2008

At a press conference on Sunday, the Praja Rajyam president Chiranjeevi found himself on a sticky wicket when he said that while he was inspired to enter into politics by the former President APJ Abdul Kalam, a man who favored the Indo-US nuclear deal, the party exactly supportive on it.

To a question on the participation of anti nuclear deal rally, he said that Dr.Kalam is a great scientist and only expressed his support from a macro perspective. He cannot talk about the smaller details like a politician because he is a statesman and apparently to avoid an elaborate discussion. He charged the successive governments for failing to come to the rescue of weavers, he said that only a permanent solution would help improve their lot and stop suicides.

Chiranjeevi said that if a long term solution were in place, the three weavers would not have ended their lives in Sircilla on September 27. He said the party is interacting with experts to put together a draft policy on how it would deal with the situation. They would come up with firm plans to rescue weavers in the the short term and also provide long term solutions. He appealed weavers to be brave and not to take the extreme step of suicide.



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