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PRP aiming to spearhead Joint Action Committee for United Andhra

December 27, 2009

After its debacle in the Lok Sabha Assembly and GHMC elections, the Praja Rajyam Party is trying to gain ground in the Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema and toying with the idea of using 'United Andhra' plank for it. The party is upbeat as several leaders of other political parties are welcoming its stand and are sending feelers that they are willing to join if Chiranjeevi leads a Joint Action Committee for the United state.

PRP leaders are mulling on how to take the movement forward and are closely watching the situation. If the Centre continues its efforts to create Telanagana State, then the party will make its move. Its leaders are of the view that the present situation has presented an opportunity tot he party to gain ground in some areas of the State and to consolidate its position in others. They are confident that the party will consolidate its position in North Andhra and gain South Andhra and Rayalaseema. He felt that as no other party with the exception of the CPM, had so far spoke in favor of the United state, it would be an opportunity for the Praja Rajyam Party to take lead in the movement. This would help the party consolidate its position in coastal and Rayalaseema regions.

Only few days ago, Chiranjeevi submitted his resignation for his MLA position, clarified that the party will fight for an integrated state and has toured coastal andhra region to garner support. The stand taken by PRP on Telangana however was not in favor for all. PRP leader from Nakrekal, Dilip along with his supporters converged at the premises of Geeta Arts belonging to the Party general secretary Allu Aravind and staged Pro-telangana slogans.



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