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Praja Rajyam Party may seek court intervention over common symbol

January 5, 2009

According to reliable sources, that the Praja Rajyam Party will file a petition in the AP High Court seeking a direction to the Election Commission for allotment of Common symbol for its party candidates in the general elections if the later does not do so in the next couple of days. It is now almost ten days since the Praja Rajyam Party president Chiranjeevi along with P Shiv Shankar presented to the Election Commission a large volume of evidence to buttress their case for allotment of a common symbol to the party from out of the 59 free symbols.

The party leadership is now getting anxious over the long wait for the Election Commission's response which is cutting into the time available till the elections for publicizing its symbol. Shiv Shankar said that if no response is received from the EC in two or three days, the Praja Rajyam Party will be taking a cue from the experience of TRS which was allotted a common symbol. The Election Commission has discretionary powers on allotment of symbols but has rarely exercised them and refused to make an exception in the TRS's case. Over this the TRS approached the High Court that asked the Election Commission to consider allotment of a common symbol.

He said that to prove that the party yet has a mass following, he along with Chiranjeevi furnished proof of the huge attendances at the Praja Rajyam Party president meetings. He said he did not feel that taking recourse of legal action would antagonize the Election Commission towards the Praja Rajyam.



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