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Praja Rajyam Party will order probe into scams if voted to power

January 6, 2009
Kovur, Nellore

The Praja Rajyam Party president Chiranjeevi speaking to reporters on Tuesday said that the Praja Rajyam would order an inquiry into the scams that occurred during the Congress rule if voted to power and punish the culprits. He said the party would probe into the irregularities in the allotment of land for Special Economic Zones, mines and misuse of public money in the name of welfare schemes and irrigation projects. The Praja Rajyam that was committed to rooting out corruption, would maintain a strict vigil to prevent corruption in future.

He said that the party would conduct a survey to verify the extent of land needed for each SEZ and return the excess land to the farmers. In respect of the failure of talks with TRS for an alliance in the next coming general elections following the latter's decision to tie up with the TDP, he said that the TRS leaders had themselves asked for an alliance wit the Praja Rajyam but we went back. He added that there is no loss for the Praja Rajyam in the Telangana region, he said.

Chiranjeevi said that the Election Commission has given an assurance to allot a symbol for the party soon because that is very important issue. He said that the party hope that the Election Commission will allot a symbol in a couple of days otherwise, it will think of moving to court and added that irrespective of the symbol being the train, camera or some other, the party will win in the elections. He said the provisions for Rs.100 scheme announced at the Nellore public meeting is drawing a good response from the public.



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