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Praja Rajyam Party submits its preferred party symbol to Election Commission

July 15, 2009

With Praja Rajyam becoming eligible for recognition as a state party, leaders of the party have submitted two symbols to the Election Commission to choose from. 'Sun with rays' and 'push cart wooden wheel with 10 spokes'. The two symbols are submitted by the party's general secretaries C Ramachandraiah and C Uma Malleswara Rao to the Election Commissioner VS Sampathto. The Election Commission would decide on the symbol by July 18, preferably the 'Sun with rays' as the notification to the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) is to be issued on that day.

Election Commission sources said, a party gets recognition provided it won at least three percent of the total number of Assembly seats in a State. But Praja Rajyam won 18 seats though it was eligible for recognition even if it had secure nine seats. Following this, the Election Commission wrote a letter to the Praja Rajam Party asking it to send two of its choices for symbol.

Election Commission sources said that the local bodies election was conducted by the State Election Commission, if they were no objections to the choice of symbols preferred by the party, there would be no problem in accepting the same. It may be noted that on the directions of the Supreme Court made it very clear that the then allotment of common symbol was only an interim arrangement and after the elections, the Election Commission could decide on the symbol.

Praja Rajyam had a tough time to get its desired symbol as the Election Commission alloted symbol. Back in January this year, PRP said it will seek court intervention over common symbol. In February 09, the Andhra Pradesh High Court directed the Election Commission to reconsider the common party symbol case. PRP on its part has gathered its supporters across the state and staged rallies demanding common party symbol in elections. Later in March 09, the Election Commission rejected common symbol plea leading the way for the party to seek the opinion of the Supreme court on the topic. The party withdrew its petition from the High court so as to make its way and allow its candidates to stand in the elections. By the end of the month, the Election Commission issue orders for a common party symbol and PRP was awarded the Rail Engine as the party symbol for the elections. The Surpeme Court declined to modify the EC order and PRP was forced to settle with the alloted Rail Engine symbol.



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