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Praja Rajyam withdraws petition for common symbol

March 17, 2009

In a related development, the Praja Rajyam party withdrew the case filed in the High Court seeking a common symbol for its candidates for the ensuing elections. The counsel for the petitioner informed the bench comprising of justice B Prakasa Rao and Justice Bhavani Prasad on Tuesday that his client had asked not to press the writ petition. It may be recalled that the Praja Rajyam contested the Election Commission decision in rejecting to give common symbol to the party.

Any party can get itself registered and its candidates be allotted symbol from among the free symbols available. According to the provisions of the symbol order, the candidates of the recognized parties will get the exclusive symbol and the party wanted this status that the Election Commission was not willing to confer.

After withdrawing the writ petition, the party leaders are exploring several options available for it, it is quest for a common symbol. The PR party general secretary, Parakala Prabhakar described the decision as a strategic withdrawal. Dr.Mitra admitted that the party was in search of a recognized party that would allow its symbol to be used by the party.



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