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PRP president rules out post poll support either to Congress or BJP

March 6, 2009

The Praja Rajyam Party president Chiranjeevi expressed that his party would get the majority required to form the government and added that there is no confusion in the minds of the people. If any confusion is there, it is in the minds of opposition parties. However, he ruled out the possibility of extending support to Congress or Telugu Desam Party after elections.

He further added that the PRP would not support the BJP led alliance at the national level as his party was a secular and there was no scope of extending support to a Congress led alliance. He expressed the same at a 'Meet the Press' programme organized by the Andhra Pradesh Union of Working Journalists on Sunday. He denied the allegations that the Praja Rajyam leadership had collected huge amounts of money from aspirants to allot party tickets and blamed the Opposition of successfully running a smear campaign against the party.

He said the opposition was weak and could not effectively highlight the lapses committed by the government. The mistakes committed by Telugu Desam Party during its rule was inhibiting it from raising corruption related issues. He asserted that , it would order an inquiry into the wealth amassed by the Chief Minister, Dr.YS Rajasekhara Reddy and take steps to recover the money rather than sin on the probe reports like TDP and Congress Governments did. He added that the party fulfilled its promise by allotting 104 seats to BCs.



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