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Chiranjeevi escapes electrocution campaigning in Malkajgir

November 18, 2009

PRP President Chiranjeevi had a narrow escape from electrocution while campaigning for the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) elections at Gauthamnagar area in Malkajgir assembly segment.

The incident happened when two party workers used sticks to raise two high voltage wires so that Chiranjeevi's open top truck can move. In doing so, the two wires accidentally came into contact leading to sparks. Chiranjeevi ducked himself and escaped unhurt.

The incident showed the situation of high voltage power wires in the twin-cities. While the blame is naturally put on the Electricity Department, officials and rules have a different version to say. As per rules, trucks and vehicles in the city premises should not be over 15 feet in height. However, it is common that political leaders use open top vehicles that are fitted with extra canvasing and decoration elements and are almost always above 15 feet in height. Only few days earlier, his brother Pavan Kalyan had a similar experience while on tour in Telangana region.



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