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PRP decides not to join in Kiran Kumar Reddy cabinet

November 29, 2010

Praja Rajyam Party (PRP) has once again made itself clear to stay away from the cabinet of Kiran Kumar Reddy. The PRP Polit bureau met this evening. The meeting is presided by its President Chiranjeevi. PRP MLAs, MPs and senior leaders of the party attended the meeting.

The meeting decided that PRP will not be joining in the Kiran Kumar Reddy's Government. Kanna babu of PRP, speaking to a media outlet tonight, has said that PRP has never expressed interest in joining in the Congress-led Government. The party will continue to work as a constructive opposition party.

The party has re-iterated that they do not want to put the unnecessary pressure of elections on the people.The party said it has not openly received any offer to join the Congress Government and if at all they do get the invitation, the party will discuss and decide based on the situation prevailing at that time.

Speculations are in the air that Chiranjeevi has asked for 6 ministerial post while the Congress would like to extend only 4. However this information remained purely a speculation and neither Congress nor PRP has not come out and neither agreed or declined it.



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